About Our Shirts

We appreciate excellent quality. Therefore, we strive to provide our customers with quality shirts that feel fantastic, have increased durability and display their politics, ideologies and sentiments through exclusive, hand-drawn, artwork. Read further to learn about how we make our high quality Conservateeve.US products.

The Material

Combed and Ring-Spun Cotton

Typical cotton material, open-end cotton, is created by twisting fibers together to make yarn. With this type of cotton, a fiber wraps around a bundle of fibers, which leaves a fuzzy and uneven surface, fraying fibers and reduced life-span.

Distinctly, our shirts are printed on premium material that is:

  • Soft and Smooth: Ring-spun cotton is smoother because it is twisted and thinned to soften and straighten each strand, creating a very fine rope of cotton fibers.
  • Durable: Ring-spun cotton is knit tightly and strongly with fibers aligned in the same direction, which adds to the material’s durability and longevity, but still feels light.
  • A Better Printing Surface and Provides Maximum Comfort: Combed and ring-spun cotton means that after the fibers are spun, they are combed with fine brushes to get rid of short strands and further straighten fibers to remove impurities, leading to a smoother printing surface, while maximizing comfort.

30 Singles

Singles refers to the fineness of cotton thread, specifically pointing to the number of times the fiber has been twisted. The higher the singles number, the more twisted the thread, meaning that the thread is lighter and of better quality.

In an average and inexpensive t-shirt, 18 singles is very common. The yarn is course and thick leading to prints that are not as clean, designs that deteriorate much sooner, less durable material overall and a rougher feel. 20 singles is a step up in quality, but still does not meet our standards.

At Conservateeve.US, we want our artwork to be printed on the best possible fabric – that is why we use 30 singles t-shirts for their superior quality. The thread is finer, allowing for a tightly weaved material and providing an optimal surface for printing. A smoother printing surface means that our artwork will last longer on the shirt. Additionally, 30 singles material has a better drape and is softer, thinner and finer – while still being more durable than a lower thread count.

The Artwork

We create political artwork that is exclusively sold by Conservateeve.US. Why an emphasis on “artwork”? We could print shirts that just have a popular saying in big letters, a logo and a piece of clipart somewhere, but it just would not be us. We deliver strong messages through art that is original, hand-drawn and refined to dignify the message and the wearer.

To read more about the philosophy behind what we print on our high-quality t-shirts, click here.