Is Trump really a Russian agent? (Part 1)

January 21, 2018

Personally, I remember the 2016 presidential elections as one of the most joyous days I lived through. Together with millions of Americans, my wife and I experienced the miracle of victory “against all odds” perhaps similar to those experienced by Swedes following the battle of Narva, or even like the Jews after the Maccabees defeated the Greeks and recaptured Jerusalem. Republicans unlike Jews, however, did not proclaim a holiday commemorating regaining control of the White House, and instead went on with their lives; Democrats, on the other hand, did not choose the path of withdrawal, refusing to accept the loss and vouching the imminence of soon-to-come revenge.

Their disbelief in the outcome is only natural – after all, the predictions of Trump’s embarrassing defeat were heard from the tribunes of the absolute majority of news programs, late night TV-shows, newspapers, and, oh boy, university pundits. Polls averaging 70 percent in favor of Mrs. Clinton and endorsements of her “progressive views that were meant to keep America on the right path,” paralleled with numerous accusations and condemnations of Trump, were shoved into people’s heads with great intensity and force. It is as if everything around me yelled, “Do not go to the polls! Do not waste your time! It’s a done deal. There is no chance of victory…” There was a problem with such an approach, however, and if the Left was not too busy beating the already emaciated public image of Trump, they might have come across a phrase from the well-known book of Proverbs that states “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.” That is exactly what happened – instead of Trump voters not going to the polls it was Hillary voters who didn’t! Because why would they? “What’s the risk of losing such a clear cut, one-sided race, if I won’t vote?” they thought. On the other hand, voting for Trump served two purposes – even if we did not necessarily expect victory, even if Trump was not our most preferable pick from among all Republican candidates, we nevertheless had to vote for him as in the ultimate way of saying “NOT IN MY NAME!” to the plans of continuing the socialist kumbaya after 8 painful and disastrous Obama years!

The result is, of course, known to everyone, but I cannot miss the opportunity to once again pronounce this wonderful statement – on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 Donald J Trump won the presidential elections. The moans of the Left ravaged throughout the country. The invisible, but dense, walls of “safe space” were immediately erected across schools, college campuses and “socially-responsible” workplaces, where disillusioned and gentle-souled individuals began to pour their emotions out and “voice their concerns and fears” in an attempt to comprehend such an outcome. It was amusing to watch how those hypocrites organized such gatherings and attempted to present them as something apolitical and as a natural concern for the feelings of people who might have gotten upset! I dare you to tell me that emergency vigils and sermons for “peace and acceptance” and for the “wellbeing of the country” together with all those “safe space” dialogues would have been held if Hillary were to win! These very people would have arrived dancing in the morning after the election, popping champagne and cracking jokes about how Trump with his deplorable supporters even dared to run, while clearly upset people would have been a target of laughs and irony for weeks to come! Remember the 2012 Election? Do you remember any “safe spaces” or community sermons after it? Exactly! Lord have mercy on anyone who would have tried arranging any of the aforementioned activities, not to mention the charges and labels they would have received as a result!!! This is just so pathetically low and transparent…

But you know what’s even lower? The excuses Democrats started to come up with to justify their defeat. Among them one stands out particularly strong – Russian Government won the elections for Trump because Trump is Putin’s marionet and wants to destroy America (I feel bad for singling out this very claim, as there are many more accusations just as comical as this one and maybe someday I will write about them as well…). This nonsense received serious traction and many, many, many millions of dollars have already been spent on it, because of it and in defense against it.

It would require an insane amount of time to cover this topic in its entirety and with the thoroughness it necessitates, but I won’t do it that way. This is just a blog, I do not claim to be an investigative researcher and I do not even think people visiting this page need such an extensive analysis, but everything I write here can be checked/further researched on your own based on the vector of thought development I am going to leave on these pages. If any of you really want certain concepts of this blog entry to be developed further, or have additional questions, or require links that you can’t find on your own, then please write in the comment section at the end of the page and I will try to satisfy your demands.

To begin with, it is important to note that the Russian interference did take place. There are many facts that attest to that, among them one is particularly intriguing – that those who hacked Democratic emails worked from 9am to 5pm Moscow time, taking a break during Russian military holidays. The goal of the Russian interference, however, was not to elect Trump, but to cause destabilization and damage to a complicated mechanism of interaction between the media and government, among others. The success of this operation is to be measured by the degree to which the American media compromised themselves and how much damage they caused, not to Trump, but to the very institution of the American presidency. With that said, allow me to enumerate some reasons as to why the claim that Russians have interfered with the election process on behalf of Trump is a load of shit, pardon me my French.

  • By no means is Trump friendly to Russia.

During the Obama presidency, when Russian fighter jets were doing barrel rolls over American reconnaissance planes in international waters and were flying at a very dangerously low altitude imitating a bomb run over American ships, Trump’s position was to shoot them down if they perform these stunts again. His decisiveness to act harshly against Putin’s interests was clearly displayed in April 2017 when an order to bomb Al Shayrat airfield with tomahawk missiles was carried out. Not only was that action bluntly directed against Syrian’s Assad forces, who were directly supported by the Kremlin, the very Russian forces were present at that base at the time of the assault, albeit they were preemptively warned about it through the established channels of communication between militaries. President Trump was also consistent in ramping up sanctions policy against the Kremlin, which increasingly targeted key infrastructures of Russia, such as mining and banking operations.

  • Trump’s election is consistent with the results of Congressional and Senatorial elections throughout the country.

It would have at least been plausible to suggest that Trump’s election was somehow rigged, hacked, or pushed through an interference if it was contrary to political trends across the United States. If, for example, elections to Congress or Senate showed pronounced Democratic victories and, all of a sudden, despite these trends, Trump were to pull out a surprise win, then it would have given us some food for thought. The fact is, that Trump’s victory correlated perfectly with political results across the country. 2016 United States House of Representatives elections ended up with Republicans preserving their majority and resulted in 241-194 majority in their favor. The Republican Party easily held the chamber, as was predicted. The same is true regarding the United States Senate elections, where Republicans retained control, with only two incumbents losing their seats to Democrats.

So, did Russians hack those elections too? To say that it’s very highly implausible is a serious understatement. One group’s targeted interference with such a vast number of polling stations and somehow influencing them is virtually impossible for several reasons. Therefore, Trump’s election is not a stand out event, but a proven continuation of a nationwide trend.

  • The hacking of Clinton’s email could not have achieved anything beneficial.

Ever since Watergate there is one thing every American politician knows full well – if the privacy of someone’s private information got violated (wiretapped, or hacked for that matter) then such an event is very likely to end up with an impeachment of the one who orchestrated the violation. The risk of hacking rival presidential candidate’s email is simply not worth it! What exactly was meant to be found there? Granted, I have no doubt that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and has a lot to hide – the Clinton fund, details of the plutonium deal with Russia, and even the 3 salaries of her aide Huma Abedin, among others are all evidences of gross corruption and crookedness, but would anyone really expect her to hold compromising information in her email? This just sounds preposterous! The fact that her email was hacked into did not damage her even the slightest bit, but instead served to her benefit, as she could conveniently appear as a victim and cause a lot more dirt to be dumped daily on Trump ever since that incident. The “unbiased” American media was quick to swallow this narrative and was very thankful for the opportunity to blame Trump for that event, in pursuance of the following “logical” construct:

Clinton’s email was hacked. Trump does not like Hillary and he is her opponent. Therefore, Trump hacked Hillary.

One does not even need to be familiar with logic as a subject to demolish this reasoning, but millions of people are conveniently convinced in its accuracy.  But knowing the democratic electorate, I am surprised they are not accusing him of using kidnapped black babies as bricks for his tower… at least not yet.

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