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The Politics Of Art

January 21, 2018

Every time a new design came out, we would spend a considerable amount of time contemplating what to write in the space allocated for the design’s description. The task of condensing the vast number of thoughts, intertwined ideas, and allusions that are behind almost every design of ours in one paragraph is not that simple. As a result, no matter how well worded, or suitable a shirt’s description ends up being, it never envelops everything we want to say on the matter. Now, with the help of the blog, we can get a little closer to that goal.

Additionally, when we sell our products at various events, I often meet many interesting people with whom I have lengthy, enriching conversations. What tends to start as political chit chat more often than not shifts into a sharing of personal experiences and a projection of mutual hopes for the future of this great country. I cannot overstate how much food for thought and motivation these people have given me! I used to share some of them with my friends and family, but I always felt a bit disappointed that I had no way of sharing their unique thoughts and stories with a larger audience. Hopefully, this blog will help me with that goal as well.

Last but not least, I have always said that we are not a just another politically angled printing company! We take pride in being a company that produces content for sophisticated people –ones who value the originality of a design, unique artwork, quality and faithfulness to expressed political convictions in every minute detail of how the business is run. Our products have substance and a soul. Our products are a shield for those who are subjected to unjust treatment in their respective environments due to their politics. Our products are a sword to battle the nauseating “Liberal” self-righteousness. Our products are a torch so that the young generation will see that decent, hard-working and smart Americans DO exist on the Right – which is so contrary to the narrative that is being rubbed into their heads day in and day out since early middle-school, if not earlier.

We know that there are way too many of those who reproduce internet memes or someone else’s jokes or crudely crop and paste a face onto a different body, add a word of insult or a profanity, print it on cheap outsourced material and, voila, a “brand new right-wing shirt” is ready for sale. Granted, there is clientele for that market niche, but such an approach, besides being an obvious classless sham not only doesn’t benefit anyone whom it claims to “support,” but instead effectively harms them! How? It’s a large topic in itself, about which I promise to talk at length in one of our upcoming blog entries.

To conclude there are many issues to talk about. And now we have a platform where to do it!

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