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The Conservateeve.US Commitment

Conservateeve.US strives to deliver high-quality shirts with original designs to express pro-American, conservative, and satirical messages.

Our aim is to allow those, whose opinions regarding the political situation in the US have too often been downplayed, disregarded and vilified, to proudly express their stance and attitude towards a range of issues. One of the primary objectives of the Left is to create the impression of an overwhelming consensus among the population, thus allowing them to dogmatize the issue and put degrading labels on those who disagree such as deviants, deplorables, backwards, etc.

Your wearing of our products in public gives support, courage and often a sincere laugh, to those who have been forced into silence in their respective environments. Only by supporting and strengthening like-minded people can we hope to subsequently change the status quo in Universities - where asking questions has already become taboo, in workplaces - where people are hired and kept primarily for their descriptive characteristics rather than their professional qualifications, and in the minds of youth - that have been indoctrinated into equating the term "conservative" with "bad and incorrect.

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    High-Quality, Sophisticated, and
    Original Designs.
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